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Notes from An Event Apart Boston 2012 I had a great time at An Event Apart Boston, 2012. Ill post some photos soon. The conference avoided deep dives into code in favor of showing WHY you would do reactive design. As Eric Meyer said "My...

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Judging the CT Student Innovation Exposition (E-Commerce)... Want to know what the next 10 years will look like? Ask a high school student. Their creativity isnt limited by their knowledge of what we currently call technological limitations. They have a vision of...

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The Value of Feeling Appreciated as an Employee in... Whether you’re a new employee or the vice president of the company, everyone wants to feel valued, even appreciated, in the workplace. Not only does it improve morale and make the workplace a more pleasant...

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The difference between classic and motion tweens in... Here it is: If you're used to doing things "the cs3 way" then you can continue to do so with the classic tween tool. It works the same way as you remember, using key frames as normal, but you cannot...

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PHP: If (equal to AND not equal) - eliminate form spam... Just learned a great function of PHP thats already made my forms a lot better. A while back I wrote an article about eliminating form spam without captchas by using css to hide a text input box for bots...

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Most Annoying Website Today

Category : General Web Info

I’d like to nominate Forbes.com as being the most annoying websites I’ve seen so far today. I have nothing good or bad to say against the printed magazine, or it’s content, but the website turned me way off.

For starters, the first thing I saw when I went to the site via an organic SE link was a full page flash add for Symantec. Clicking a box at the top of the screen allowed me to close their “welcome screen” as they called it and go to the content I actually wanted to read.
When the actual page opened a small flash video started to play at about 10% volume. This is not a post about whether you should auto play with volume or not – in most cases you should not auto play a video with sound on– but to post a video at 10% volume is both confusing and annoying as I couldn’t make out any words and further had no idea what application I had open was producing the whisper.

Forbes: Have some balls or don’t play. If your going to break the norm and play a video with sound the least you could do is default it so that I can hear it clearly as something Im not interested in and then turn it off.

2 More sites Launched from HattersWorkshop

Category : Technology, Web Launches

www.spielmandesign.com and www.brennerarchgroup.com have both gone live. I invite you to check them out. I also appreciate any comments left by people who are reading this –be it technical, aesthetic, or creative.

Ill be launching another site later this week so as you can see It’s been pretty busy around these parts.