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Notes from An Event Apart Boston 2012 I had a great time at An Event Apart Boston, 2012. Ill post some photos soon. The conference avoided deep dives into code in favor of showing WHY you would do reactive design. As Eric Meyer said "My...

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Judging the CT Student Innovation Exposition (E-Commerce)... Want to know what the next 10 years will look like? Ask a high school student. Their creativity isnt limited by their knowledge of what we currently call technological limitations. They have a vision of...

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The Value of Feeling Appreciated as an Employee in... Whether you’re a new employee or the vice president of the company, everyone wants to feel valued, even appreciated, in the workplace. Not only does it improve morale and make the workplace a more pleasant...

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The difference between classic and motion tweens in... Here it is: If you're used to doing things "the cs3 way" then you can continue to do so with the classic tween tool. It works the same way as you remember, using key frames as normal, but you cannot...

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PHP: If (equal to AND not equal) - eliminate form spam... Just learned a great function of PHP thats already made my forms a lot better. A while back I wrote an article about eliminating form spam without captchas by using css to hide a text input box for bots...

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Hartford Open Studio Weekend Nov 13th and 14th

Category : Around The Office, Around West Hartford, Social

Hattersworkshop is pleased and honored to be a part of the 21st annual Hartford Open Studio exhibit. Please stop by the studio on the fourth floor of ArtSpace at 555 Asylum st in downtown Hartford. Guests will not be allowed to park in the back lot, but parking is available at a discounted rate across the street.

Click here to download the full Event Brochure for location and event details as well as more some visual information about each artist.

Every year I have come to OpenStudio I have had a great time. The art is amazing; the people are incredible and interesting. Being a part of OpenStudio this year is already thrilling and I look forward to meeting new people and seeing some familiar faces.
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“So What!” Opening a great success!

Category : Around West Hartford, Art Event, Social

Thank you to all the people who came out to the “So What!” art show at Hartford ArtSpace on October 23ed. I should also like to say thank you to Dan Small and Arturo Rosa for bringing me into the show and letting me have a section of wall to display my art. Nothing like impending deadlines to spur the creation of new art!

Prints of the work will be available for purchase during Open Studio.

The after party was also a great success and to all those who came: Im glad you had a good time. Music provided by Torrential , MisEyesis, and Dj Slav. I’d also like to thank my bartenders for keeping some semblance of law and order, or what passes for law and order in these parts anyway. Last, but not least, big ups to Andre and the other writers who created some awesome backgrounds for us to use in the gallery of some bonafied street art.

The next show is Open Studio and I hope to see you all there as well. I should have at least one new piece on display by then.

Hattersworkshop is proud to announce the release of http://www.BundlesAndInk.com/

Category : Web Launches

Hattersworkshop is proud to announce the release of another website, http://www.BundlesAndInk.com/. We worked with BobCopy to create a minimalistic design experience where the emphasis was on the art and not the website. Using a combination of jQuery libraries and smooth css the images are always close at hand and appear in dramatic fashion.

The Value of Feeling Appreciated as an Employee in Regards to being a Business Owner

Category : Around The Office, Featured

Whether you’re a new employee or the vice president of the company, everyone wants to feel valued, even appreciated, in the workplace. Not only does it improve morale and make the workplace a more pleasant to be, but it also raises productivity in a number of different ways.

Employees who feel appreciated are more likely to:

  • Show up on time or work late (for the good of the company)
  • Put in extra time outside of work (research & self improvement)
  • Be less stressed and thereby healthier missing fewer days due to illness
  • Make the best decisions possible in the company’s best interest
  • Overall improvement to productivity as employees will waste less time doing remedial tasks

Conversely, the inverse is almost always true: an employee that is talked down to, unappreciated, and used as parking for the company bus will almost always count the minutes on a clock until their freedom and do the absolute minimum to avoid getting fired.

Employers should remember to say “Thank You” and say it often. It’s so simple, and free, and yet so few employers understand the value of feeling valued.

Being a business owner and teacher I am constantly thanking my employees and students, for their work (which I didn’t have to do) and for trying their best. I am thankful and happy with the return on my investment.