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Notes from An Event Apart Boston 2012 I had a great time at An Event Apart Boston, 2012. Ill post some photos soon. The conference avoided deep dives into code in favor of showing WHY you would do reactive design. As Eric Meyer said "My...

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Judging the CT Student Innovation Exposition (E-Commerce)... Want to know what the next 10 years will look like? Ask a high school student. Their creativity isnt limited by their knowledge of what we currently call technological limitations. They have a vision of...

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The Value of Feeling Appreciated as an Employee in... Whether you’re a new employee or the vice president of the company, everyone wants to feel valued, even appreciated, in the workplace. Not only does it improve morale and make the workplace a more pleasant...

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The difference between classic and motion tweens in... Here it is: If you're used to doing things "the cs3 way" then you can continue to do so with the classic tween tool. It works the same way as you remember, using key frames as normal, but you cannot...

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PHP: If (equal to AND not equal) - eliminate form spam... Just learned a great function of PHP thats already made my forms a lot better. A while back I wrote an article about eliminating form spam without captchas by using css to hide a text input box for bots...

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SOPA Protest tomorrow. See you on Thursday.

Category : Around The Office, General Web Info, Politics, Social

This website will be “blacked out” in solidarity with the SOPA Protest for Thursday, January 18th, 2012. The internet needs to be protected in the same way as the press, and for the same reason.

If you’re just now learning about SOPA and Protect IP – scheduled to be voted on by the senate in the near future then you might want to do your research quickly – as over 30,000 websites will be down tomorrow to protest this ineffective, business killing, nanny-state, double speaking bill.

In the name of “internet security” aka (profit protection) the MPAA, RIAA, along with the Chamber of Commerce want to change the way the internet works from the router up. They want to be able to remove ANY website’s DNS listing because someone might have posted a link to a copyrighted material SOMEWHERE on the website. No court hearing to see if the plaintiff actually controls the rights, no appeal if they are wrong, no recourse for you to claim damages… just another way to frighten and kill competition from the same people who were VERY willing to sue single moms and students for downloading music and movies instead of adapting their business models to a new medium.

In case you didn’t already know Im talking about RIAA, MPAA, Chamber of Commerce, and an evil gang of media thugs (CBS, ABC, FOX, COMCAST, DISNEY, etc). These media thugs claim that there is a culture of thievery on the internet, and that may or may not be true, but what the forget to mention is that THEY CREATED THIS CULTURE – and whats more they PROFITED FROM IT.

CBS, for example, owns C|net, which was the exclusive distributer of Kazaa and Limewire in the mid 1990s and 2000s. C|net makes money every time someone downloads an application from them from referrals and advertising, sometimes up to $5 a download. With over 500 million downloads between just these two applications it’s safe to say they might have made more than a billion dollars creating this online culture. Now that phase I is complete they want to use this online community WHICH THEY FOSTERED AND PROFITED FROM as justification to rewire the internet in a way that coincidentally will make them even more money while creating unknown security and architectural problems for the rest of us.(http://www.filmon.com/cbsyousuck/)

On the Radio Tonight – 91.3 WWUH -

Category : Politics, Social

Im going to be on the radio (Hartford, CT area) over at WWUH (91.3FM) sometime tonight from 12 to 3am. I’ve been asked to provide political commentary to The Dawn of Chaos, a metal and hardcore. I dont know the exact format yet, but Ill start posting the weekly talking points I use along with supporting links and source materials.

I dont see this becoming “another blog about politics” – there are so many already. Most of them stink, but Id like to highlight the few that have risen above the rest.

Tonight I want to cover:

  • Problems with the Cap and
  • Trade Bill currently winding through congress
  • A new slaughter of native people in Peru-America Free Trade Zone
  • Israel attacks “Spirit of Humanity” attempting to enter Palestinian waters to deliver humanitarian Aid and building supplies. Nobel Peace Prize winner and former US Congress woman taken prisoner by Israel.

More to come soon.

Jesse Ventura made me smile and thoughts on torture

Category : Politics

Great video I saw this weekend that really puts into words so well some of the common themes and ideas I have about torture. Former Gov. Ventura is the man! I love how he is able to simply talk over the people on TV who I normally see bully their guests (Bill O, Hannity and the like). Whats even better is that he is speaking sensibly. This is one of the most “Common Men” logic arguments I’ve heard in a long time and Thomas Paine would be proud.

Contunue Reading

Guest Host on WWUH 91.3 – Dawn of Chaos

Category : Around West Hartford, Politics, Social

I got to guest host on Dawn of Chaos, a weekly radio show on 91.3 WWUH. We had a great time talking about politics (Piracy & the British TV tax). I shit you not; its illegal to watch TV it Briton without a license – how sick is that? I have to pay someone for the privilege to watch ads? The real winner this week though was a story about how the French are kidnapping their bosses if they threaten to ship jobs over seas. THATS A UNION IN ACTION!

From there the conversation digressed into Ultimate Warrior – a show I’ve never seen from beginning to end. It pits fighters from all around the world against each other in mock battles that would never happen (Pirate vs French Knight). I’ve seen clips from it – but I never get through the whole thing. The scripting seems lame and the match ups moronic. (Ninja vs Spartan? Ninja would never fight a spartan head on… kill him in his sleep. Done.)

Anyway, I was happy to get some good ol punk into the mix. Most of the time the show plays metal but I brought in some T.S.O.L. Decedents, Exploited, and the Necromantics and we had a ball…

Ill be back next week Tuesday 12-3am on 91.3 WWUH with more political discourse, ramblings and rants.

Ding Dong Bush is Gone

Category : Humor, Politics

I almost didn’t think I’d live to see the day when this buffoon would finally be leaving office. I wont lament on this too long. Many other people have written at length on these topics. If you find one of interest, please do a search for it and see what comes up. Some much of this information is readily available. In fact the most diabolical scheemes are written about in the wide open to help gauge if the public is ready for such a thing. If we dont react, then it must be OK .

In the last 8 years, in no specific order, we have had to put up with a (non-elected) president who’s record should reflect:

  • The outright theft of the oval office, not once but twice, via voter disenfranchisement, purge logs, ballot stuffing, and the wonders of electronic voting. (search for Diebold)
  • The destruction and blundered rebuilding of New Orleans
  • The on going nationalization of corporate losses and the privatization of their profits.
  • Ignoring prominent economic advisers advocating for a sound monetary policy (search for Peter Schiff). Instead mr. Bush has spent 11.8 trillion dollars. He has spent more money in his two terms than all other presidents before him combind.
  • New highs in defficit spending
  • No Child Left Behind – a complete rebuilding of Americas education system done without teacher input, ensuring higher test scores because of higher drop out rates and a through a through understanding of textbooks and standardize tests, not actually understanding the world or how to process it.
  • Suspension of Habitus Corpus
  • Suspension of Posse Comitatus
  • Abu Ghraib
  • Sensory Deprivation and Water Boarding
  • Extraordinary Rendition
  • The Patriot Act
  • The Patriot Act II
  • The Real ID Act
  • The Military Tribunals Act
  • Hundred of signing statements that contradict or nully the bill they are attached do
  • Thousands of Executive Orders restricting liberty
  • Guantanamo Bay Cuba
  • Unparalleled surveillance – via CCTV, NSA, FBI, DHS, ICE – all of which use the older TALON and Echelon databases along with new NSA databases
  • Retroactive Immunity for telecom companies who assisted the government in their spy operations that were so legal they needed RETROACTIVE IMMUNITY FOR IT!

Contunue Reading

CCTV comes to West Hartford, CT

Category : Around West Hartford, Politics

I’m sure I’m not the only one in this town who is noticed new construction at several intersections in West Hartford. They all feature brand-new metal poles adorned with brand new traffic lights and expensive looking cameras. No doubt the hope is that these cameras will increase revenue for the town while decreasing “lawlessness”.

As reported by the Sentinel these cameras may do just the opposite. It seems the newest high school prank in towns with similar cameras is to print the valid license plate of someone who has recently offended you (like a teacher) and speed through the intersection to earn them your ticket. The owner of said license plate is then automatically mailed the ticket the following day. Contunue Reading

The Most Insightful Reasoning to End The Fed – Analysis of The Creature From Jekyll Island

Category : Politics

This man gives the most intelligent,  reasoned,argument I have ever heard to End the Fed. This is the modern day Common Sense, written and exposed for the common man. Starting with the history of the creation of the Federal Reserve System, the Creation of Money, and The Government and Corporate kickbacks from the resulting Cartel that was made legal by law in 1913.

In short, when the government runs out of tax money congress calls upon the private central bank (the Federal Reserve) to issue a check to the government, which it does. This gives it the to create money. The Federal Reserve doesn’t have a bank account per say, just a check book, so they continue to loan the government money with every check. The simplest way to comprehend how this works to your disadvantage, no matter what you do for a living or how rich you are (even a millionaire), is to think of soup. The more money they pour into the soup, the more watered down it is.

For a better explanation and more insightful analogies watch the video. He knows his stuff and before long you will to.

The Economy and… The Lingerie Football League

Category : Humor, Politics

A few people have asked me what I think of the bail out and the economic fallout we’re living with at the moment. I don’t pretend to know everything, but what I do know isn’t encouraging. Gold has been forecast by Peter Schiff to hit $5000 an oz. This is a huge appreciation in metals. Or is it?

The inverse of this would be to look at the deflation of the American Dollar, which is like .02 cents from the 1917 dollar. Had we stayed on the gold standard we might be getting paid $500 a week, but a barrel of oil would be $3.50 a barrel. If you want t know more about the economic crisis I’d suggest watching a little video. Its only 10 minutes and will do a fair bit to explain the current crisis.

I find it hard to talk about economics and not have it end on a somber tone. To help alleviate that I have included another video, this one of the lingerie bowl. For those of you who don’t know, the lingerie bowl puts 7 girls made up of more plastic than the pads protecting the guys and wearing little more than shoulder pads playing football. Watch the friggen video already.